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Fairy gardens are ideal for inspiring both the expert and budding gardener. That’s why we have sourced high quality, durable fairy garden supplies. Our extensive collection includes fairies, fairy houses, fairy furniture, walkways, ponds and all miniature fairy accessories, which are well suited for creating a DIY fairy garden anywhere in your home.

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What is a Fairy Garden?

A fairy garden is a miniature garden created in a container or a space in your garden, complete with living plants and fairy garden accessories, the purpose of which is to be a place for fairies to live. Fairies can be hand-picked and placed in the garden. Or the habitat can be built so that fairies will visit when no one is looking. 

What our Customers Say

“I have been buying my fairies from Fairy Wonderland for a few years now. My customers love them, as do I. Thank you Sharon for always looking for fairy garden accessories at the best prices possible. You are so friendly, your service amazing and I look forward to many more years as a happy customer.”

– Bev (Angels and Fairies Gift Shop Edenvale)

“Fairy Wonderland, the best experience ever. Great products. Excellent service. And the best customer and after sales service ever. Thank you for the two years of excellence we have experienced from you”

Robert (BLS Fairy Magic, Gauteng)

“Wonderful, magical products, immaculate condition with prompt delivery“. 

Darina (Faerie Gem, Sedgefield)

Fairy Wonderland products have stormed into the top sellers bracket. Children, parents, grannies and grandpas and even ‘unaccompanied’ adults are having immense fun in creating their fairy gardens. The detail and inventiveness of Fairy Wonderland blows your mind away.

– Gavin (Garden Decor)

Fairy Wonderland Suppliers stocks a comprehensive range of fairies, houses, accessories, and are of good quality, they keep their range well stocked and are seldom out of stock. It is a pleasure doing business with them.

– Lynda Taylor (Stoneage Home Centre cc)