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Creating an enchanted fairy garden is easier than you think. It can be any size or shape, ranging from a tiny flower pot to a sprawling garden. The main ingredients you need for your garden are imagination, creativity and a pinch of time! So enter the realm of wonder and fantasy and let your imagination soar.

A few gardening tips:

You can use any container! An antique suitcase, oversized wineglass, wheelbarrow, wooden planter, terra-cotta pot, even a metal toolbox. A flat, shallow container of about 10cm, with a few drainage holes, works well. Or, should you choose, make your fairy garden in your very own garden at home.

Choose plants with similar light and water requirements. And choose ones that will stay relatively small, thus keeping in scale with the miniature garden. You want to keep the plants and accessories in scale. Small cactuses, violets, succulents, herbs, moss, small cypresses are perfect for creating the illusion of a tiny fantasy world. You don’t want to choose plants that will be super-tall when they mature! You can also choose artificial plants, if you wish to make an indoor garden that lasts forever!

Fairy gardens are all about accessorising. Add your fairies, miniature furniture, fairy pets and most importantly, a home for your fairy. How you place the pieces can give the “idea” of movement, with each fairy garden telling its own story.

There is no right or wrong way – it’s about an individual’s creativity.

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